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Hydraulic, pneumatic and electric machines
Hydraulic, pneumatic and electric riveting units
High power riveting machines
Radial and orbital riveting machines
Press fitting
Impact riveting machine
rolling machine
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Custom machines and assembly lines
Ladders and stepladders assembly machines

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Here you will find the list of all the machines we produce. do not hesitateat get in touch for more information.

Radial & orbital riveting machines

Versatile orbital and radial, pneumatic, hydraulic or electric (servo-Brushless) riveters for the production of small, medium and large series.

Special machines and assembly lines

Loading by vibrating bowl / robots, automatic component assembly, crimping, marking, controls, palletizing by robots

Press-fitting presses

Precise stop positioning (20 µm) of our presses and the adjustment pitch of 50 µm allow precision fitting work to be carried out: Guide rings (fitting and calibration) or any other component requiring finesse. The loading system can be fixed, drawer or rotating plate.

rolling machines

These units are equipped with a rolling head with rollers. The range includes 5 types of heads called T1, T2, T3 T4, T5, to be selected according to the type of burnishing to be carried out.

Impact riveting machines

Universal HANG riveters for hollow, semi-hollow, solid or perforation rivets. Automatic rivet feed.

Ladders and stepladders assembly machines

We offer three types of ladder and stepladder assembly machines: Full-automatic, automatic and semi-automatic machines. Click on the link below to find out more.

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