Technical processes

They say the radial is “better” than the orbital, is that true?

Each technique has advantages depending on the type of material to be deformed, the hardness, the shape, etc. For example, it is recommendedIt isto use radial for hard materials, particularly stainless steel, because the deformation of the material is more progressive and the risk of cracking of the material at the periphery is avoided.

On the other hand, in the applications of tubular rivets, or deformation of tubes (shock absorbers, etc.), the radial must be avoided because the radial deformation moves the material towards the center then outwards, passing through the center again, which can modify the geometry of the part.

GUILLEMIN is the only riveting specialist who has truly mastered both techniques and has done so for many decades. This is why we do not promote a technique, but define the best solution for each case.

Orbital riveting

Radial riveting

If my production changes over time, am I obliged to buy a new machine?

Our machines are modular. They are designed to adapt to changing product geometries. If the power of the machine remains adapted to the need, we will design a new tool, a new rivet, but you will keep your machine. Your investment will therefore be minimal.

My parts have several rivets that I want to crimp simultaneously, is this possible?

This is one of the reasons why our customers particularly appreciate our technology. Whether your parts have small or large center distances between the rivets, we have the right multi-stud solution: multi-stud heads or multi-head boxes, which can even crimp rivets located on different planes. So your productivity is maximized.

Can rivets be loaded from above?…

Yes, and this solution is particularly interesting when the part contains several rivets which would be difficult to introduce from below. A toggle will come from above to react to the riveting force that will be applied from below.

… and rivet from below without any problem?

Our riveting heads have been designed with kinematics and mechanics that allow the unit to be positioned in any direction – vertical, horizontal or reverse vertical It is, inclinIt is – while maintaining the same performance.

I have to deform large diameters, I need power:

We frequently develop high-powered machines, beyond our standard range (which goes up to 10 tonnes). For some automotive customers, we have gone so far as to design the 30 ton hydraulic-electric machines. Our know-how as a manufacturer of special machines allows us to meet all your needs.

I have to rivet an axle to the bottom of a hard-to-reach bore. Is it possible ?

GUILLEMIN has so-called “long stroke” machines, which go well beyond standard approach strokes of 50-60mm. Thus our technology makes it possible to rivet axes in depth thanks to our “long stroke” riveting units of 200, 300mm and more!

Maintenance related questions

Your machines are renowned for being robust and lasting several decades. But how will I have spare parts in 20 years?

Even if our machines evolve over time, at GUILLEMIN we have a commitment with our customers: we guarantee the continuity of the supply of mechanical spare parts for the entire life of your machine. We keep all the plans of all the rooms without time limit. We are your long-term partner… and have been since 1991.

I don't want to have to worry about maintenance. What can you offer me ?

Our maintenance contract allows you to benefit from permanent assistance via a Hot Line at your disposal. This contract also provides for the performance of preventive maintenance operations which allow you to optimize your supplies and your stocks of spare parts and to maximize the productive hours of your machines.

Service Questions

I would like to carry out tests to validate that radial riveting is well suited to my assembly needs?

We will carry out tests on parts or models in our laboratory, in a few days, for our customers all over the world.

We will provide comprehensive design assistance services. The laboratory manager works in close collaboration with the R&D and Methods or Indus departments of our customers, in order to define the assembly points, carry out test campaigns, carry out validations on statistical series, configure the assembly means … We thus optimize the assembly parameters upstream to save you time and optimize the industrialization of your products.

I need a riveting machine but my operators don't know these machines

We train operatorsto the use of machines, as well as maintenance technicians to their maintenance. So yourproduction teams are quickly autonomous.

I need to train employees in riveting technology

We provide riveting training services and are sometimes called upon to train real Riveting experts in the Methods teams. This training can be included in your training budget.

My project is confidential. Can I rely on your discretion?

We guarantee the confidentiality of information and developments of your products. We are very used to working with our customers, including upstream with their R&D departments, on very confidential projects for new products. We are experienced in procedures that guarantee respect for confidentiality and preserve the competitive advantage of our clients.

Does GUILLEMIN also design special assembly machines without a riveting function?

We are assembly specialists in the broadest sense. Depending on the product to be assembled, we produce machines that incorporate screwing, clipping, expanding, or any other assembly technique. As well as the marking and control functions, of course. Sometimes we even have to develop our own techniques.

I need an automated assembly tool but I don't have precise specifications. Is it a problem ?

As a manufacturer of special assembly machines, we have our specifications, which meet the most stringent requirements of the automotive industry. For you, this is the guarantee of professionalism and rigor on which you can always count.

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