CNC riveting centers

Riveting center with rotary plate and SIEMENS numerical control, suitable for MULTI-product productions. New generation SIEMENS numerically controlled riveting center.

Riveting center type B200-500

CNC rotary table riveting center

SIEMENS numerically controlled riveting center with platen, suitable for MULTI-Product productions.

CN riveting center

Versatile riveting center for one or more products with multi-riveting.

Riveting center type B200-500

Bi-pallet CN riveting center

Pneumatic or hydraulic orbital or radial riveters configured in mass production machines.

CNC center and press for assembly transfer lines

Centre CN bi-palette à unité numérisée X, Y, Z. Centre CN à plateau rotatif (2 a 6 palettes). Centre de rivetages. CN à unité numérisées X/Y/Z bi ou multi-palettes pour petite, moyenne et grande séries. Déclinable en ligne de production.

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